Akvo is a not-for-profit, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since its inception in 2008, Akvo has grown into a global organisation with regional entities in Mali, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Indonesia, India and the USA. The foundation specializes in supporting partners with the collection, analysis and visualisation of data to support international development and aid activities. Akvo also operates the sustainable development wiki Akvopedia. Akvo was initially started as a project under the Netherlands Water Partnership in 2006.[2]

As of 2019, Akvo operates in 100 countries and works with more than 1800 organizations around the world from NGOs to national governments, companies and multilateral aid organizations that use Akvo's solutions to report, publish, monitor and evaluate their work.[3] Much of the foundation's work is concentrated within the water and sanitation sectors. However, since 2010 it has widened its focus to areas such as health, education, technology, agriculture, and economic development.